All Of My Friends

by Loser Boyfriend

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recorded summer 2015 // thanks to our friends and families and anyone who helped make this happen
released 15 August 2015

Loser Boyfriend = Christian Martinez, Collin Kritz, Nathan Tucker.

drums recorded by Mac Pogue, everything else by the band. mixed and mastered by Sean Fahey.


released August 15, 2015

dweebs playing instruments



all rights reserved


Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

A Semi-OK Label

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Track Name: A Song About Nothing
fell asleep last night watching annie hall
saw it once in high school, don't remember it at all
those aren't my problems, not like I thought they'd be
I'm not some special snowflake, you will understand me

I won't ever know what you think about when you're alone
so I won't hang around, because you're always somewhere else when we hang out

we don't talk much, not since you moved back home
finishing your masters and living on your own
in your apartment, stacking cans of beer
watching seinfeld reruns and wondering why you live here
Track Name: Business Mumble
drinking after the show in that cramped apartment
and everyone who wants to ignore you has started
star fox on the couch, but you want to stay out, so you're taking the long way home past her house

you're not letting on. you won't be the on to blink first, looking better but you feel worse
words all come out wrong, fucked up and out of focus. do you think they even noticed?

I just wait in the car, let the engine run, and try to remember how to talk to anyone.
you try to make a world it feels good to live in, where you eat right and make good decisions

you're not feeling strong when you're trying to ignore it, still get dragged into its orbit

you belong, and it makes sense that you'd want this
you're not wrong, it's not perfect, but it's worth it
Track Name: Lifers
all of my friends, means to an end, out on the street, trying to get some sympathy
we had some great plans that fell through the cracks, and everyone knows I can't hack it

when things happen unforseen, I yell at machines cause god knows none of it's my fault
out of focus and in the dark, falling apart. that's when we're perfect the way that we are

I'm working til 10, I'll clock out and then give you a call, see what's going on. I'll fill up my tank and I'll meet you up on the boulevard, walking on stars.

watch the talent pass us by and hold in my eyes made up visions to pacify everything that goes on in real life all of the time. the only thing I'm sure is mine.
Track Name: Posi Pantry
try to organize my clothes by color but I don't have enough
wish I met you earlier this summer, but I was stuck in california
seems so far away
can't tell if things are getting better or if they're still the same

I'm doing better than I deserve. sometimes getting what you want makes you feel worse. I don't think that I can hide the truth is I feel terrified. I'm scared of everything all the time.

try to be someone that I'd look up to, but I'm just not the type. if you think I might be any different, don't believe the hype. you don't know I could be just as bad, pretending I'm more posi than I am, like those guys who work at plaid.

I'm doing better than I deserve, so I'll stay inside and try not to get hurt.
Track Name: Gold Star
it won't always be as hard as it seems, take it from me. when you get older you'll meet some nice kids, find the right scene

it won't hurt me to just come early and I swear you'll see
it's not selfish and i'm not helpless, i just can't help this

walking to school, horsing around, you know what you saw
and I don't think it's cool, just want to belong, I'm swearing that's all

I'm not crazy, I might act strangely, but you can't change me
so if I see you glued to some bar stool, asking me what i do, I'll know what to say to keep you away just like seventh grade.

i don't want you to like me, i don't care what you might be whispering behind me.