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Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz split my $3 among the first 3 bands and give none of it to sioux falls
-thank you Favorite track: What a Weirdo.
Ellie Eiger
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Ellie Eiger I just bought this to look at Geran and dook
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4 way split


released June 20, 2015

Dana Meyer recorded by Adam Cress
Snow Roller recorded by Snow Roller
Robot Boy + Sioux Falls recorded by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording

mastered by Sean Fahey



all rights reserved


Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

A Semi-OK Label

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Track Name: DANA MEYER - North Coast
But your name has been called
Onto the north coast
Beyond Mendocino
Past the old growth
All of this behind you
Leave all of this behind for me
All of this for nothing
All of this for nothing
Track Name: DANA MEYER - Still Framed
We brought the rug in from the porch
Cause its bringing us down
Like letters from old lovers

We stapled up your favorite screen
Cuz its bringing us down
Like letters from old lovers

Yeah we just miss you being around
Oh man its bringing us down
Like a hard rain of cold water
Track Name: SNOW ROLLER - Acetate
Freeload, you never have to pay anymore
Save face, you have no reason to use the door
Glide Forward with no effort
I feel jelous, can push the limit, and never feel

So cold my hands are filled with gold that I will never own
Behold the sights, the few and far between
Maybe I'll embrace the spaces in between

Deep river beds to stop in my place
Thoughts grew so sour, I don't think I can taste it
You remeber the stories that I seemed to have lost
Forget the truth, you're the rock and I am just the moss
Forgotten mementos from yester-year
A broken tooth from opening a bottle of beer

Right next to your body while I fall asleep
No one even realizes that I am knees deep
Forget my shortcomings, I can't be that great
Forgive the blessings, I take for granite

Stumbled through machine workings and acetate
If I asked you to be there, would you promise not to be late
Forget the whole problem, we'll start from scratch
No need to reason, my thoughts don't flow too fast
Perpetual motion keeps me moving enough
Sunk as much as I can, I think I call your bluff

You try to grasp for the roots that are at your feel
Ideal-ish places for you to feel complete
A small shack for you to rest eyes at night
Display of rejection? I think I just might
Track Name: SIOUX FALLS - What a Weirdo
sounds so bad it makes me tear my limbs off
these days that drag when will get a real job?
cause it never feels as good as i think it should
and it never sits just right
i lose grip it just hits some of the time

i think i need to get out more
but can you take me home now?
i think you're supposed to have fun at parties
but i don't know how
and i'm so stoked for kfc
and i'm so high on pcp
just kidding you know i never do that kinda thing
it's taken too much time to take my mind from waking dreams

it looked so dumb
sometimes he got a boner
it was no fun he still remained a loner
he slept too much and got depressed
ate too little and never had sex
his mom got him too many pairs of pants
he's bad at socializing
i always thought that he was weird
Track Name: SIOUX FALLS - Yuppie Dinner Parties
i've been tired
but i went to work the other day
and i've sat and admired
migrations of ants as they passed my way
you told me that kinda stuff the other day
i said i kinda sometimes feel the same
in certain ways
or days

you like zombie movies from the 80's
tiny lego pieces but you give them stories
looking through your parents house for prescriptions
at yuppie dinner parties your mom always says
well of course he was never addicted

it kicks in when you're in crowds
what the fuck are you even doing now?
all that phlegm inside your throat
cough all night can't get to sleep
so have another smoke